Partnering with Uncle Sam

Partnering with Uncle Sam

What if I told you that anyone can partner with the United States Government to invest in Real Estate? Lets get crazy and get the government to……

  • guarantee most if not all of the income from the investment?
  • help you maintain the property with regular walk throughs?
  • supply all your legal forms for your new investment?
  • provide tenants and require them to follow the rules?
  • help set a fair rent price?
  • give you a list of repairs/upgrades annually to keep investment going

Is this too good to be true?


Well Sort of……..

Welcome to the world of section 8 housing peeps. If your not familiar with the term hit the preceding hyperlink for a crash coarse.

Happens like this…..

Prospect answers your add for a place and informs you they have a voucher. If you agree to rent to them you will fill out a portion of voucher. Uncle Sams representative will inspect house to decide if it qualifies. If so they will then dictate how much rent they will pay-take it or leave it. They will give you a list of repairs to be made and if done supply you with a lease. If all goes as planned you will sign a lease with the tenant AND the government. You will receive most if not all the rent from the government monthly for one year. After that year you will somewhat do it all over again if the tenant wants to stay.

Do you see why I said, sort of ?

Some cons-

  • Government dictates rent price
  • Government dictates the lease terms
  • Government inspects and dictates repairs
  • Checks sometimes fail to arrive as planned
  • tenants can sometimes be “high maintenance”

In many states, including WI. It’s now against the law to choose not to rent to rent assistance tenants specifically. They call it “discrimination”.

This came about because many landlords just said “no rent assistance applicants” in their adds. We have an affordable housing problem in this country and section 8 applicants are no different. When you subtract the housing blacklisted to section 8 it can become difficult for them to find a place.

This has led to many states making it against the law to “discriminate” against these applicants. The truth is landlords are more likely to be “discriminating” against the government for the “cons” listed above.


If a landlord can rent a house for 1000.00 per month on the open market, why would they agree to rent to the government for 900? This is a very controversial hot button topic for RE investors right now. Stay tuned to see how this all plays out.

My advise is to be very careful not to break the law. That said you still have the right to refuse the governments terms.

Disclaimer: Im not an attorney nor do I play one on TV so don’t take any legal advise from me.

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