This Shit isn’t Easy

This Shit isn’t Easy

My retail business manager and longtime employee Lindsey and myself had a long conversation about the blog which inspired me to write this post. We talked about teaching people to change the way they look at and interact with money. The truth is most people want to build wealth and many are open to using real estate to accomplish that, very few are willing to pay the price.

Everybody is at a different stage of their journey, maybe you own some houses or investments. Perhaps you are making some good money and are ready to figure out your investment strategy. If so than you are “in” your journey and your doing it and maybe you just need to study and keep tweeking your path. There are others, like some of Lindsey and my coworkers, who are not even in any path that could lead to their journey. We are talking about commission salespeople that can make as much as 5000+ on a payperiod and some time later have their internet or cell phone disconnected for nonpayment.

It doesn’t matter how much you make, unless you know sound financial behaviors than money will always slip through your fingers. If you want a better life maybe you need to stop smoking or vaping? Maybe your spending money on pot or other drugs? Maybe your suffering the effects of having a bad credit score and need to fix it? Maybe your commuting an hour to work every day, thereby spending money unnecessarily. Maybe you need to work an additional job? The point is none of this is gonna be easy.

There are many people who want to become a millionaire so they can live the good life. There are not nearly as many people willing to make the sacrifices. If you are going to be financially independent there are a couple paths besides inheritance or winning a lottery. The first one involves making so much money that all your bad financial decisions won’t sink you. Become a high earner, the other path is to learn the meaning of “Delayed Gratification”. If your buying every new addition to the iPhone series than that last sentence is for you.

Bottom line is you can read my blog and any and all blogs out there but unless you have or get your financial house in order its not gonna work. Think of this literally, first you need to build your foundation before any house gets built. This is where you make sure your credit is acceptable. Make sure your income is as high as possible and your expenses are as low as possible. You are reading this blog so thats a good step toward educating yourself. Learn how successful people think about money and imitate that.

Robert Kiyosaki from ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ talks about learning the difference between buying Assets and Liabilities. By the way excellent book to read. What I’m talking about is all a shift in mindset from being a consumer to becoming a producer. For some, this is finance 101 but if these concepts are not 101 to you than consider getting and reading the book above.

This post is a bit of a rant but to bring it full circle most people are not going to be willing to make the sacrifices required to be financially independent. Like anything in life its not going to be easy but worthwhile for sure. The 6 million dollar question is, “Are you willing to do what it takes to change your life?”.

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