Who is in charge here? Where’s the wizard? Let me see behind the curtain!

Who is in charge here?  Where’s the wizard?  Let me see behind the curtain!

My name is Shawn and I’m the O.G. of this blog (sounds more gangsta than wizard don’t it?).   This blog is gonna eventually contain a lot of info on investing in real estate, written by me, the OG.  You should be asking at this point why anyone should listen to me to learn about real estate.  Did I graduate with a 4.0?  Do I drive a Bentley?  Do I live in a 12,000 sq. ft. mcmansion?  In this post I’m gonna tell you a little more about myself so you can decide for yourself if I’m qualified.

Me: Im 50 years old and live with my family in Burlington WI and run my portfolio out of an office in Milwaukee.  I was born in Marquette MI. but mainly grew up in New Orleans, LA.  Not in the French Quarter but 10 minutes away, made for an interesting childhood(more on that later).  I live with my family, a fiancé and 3 kids from 12-19.  I have no University degrees, in fact the closest I have to any degree is my G.E.D..  I went to the University of Hard Knocks or its also called, Real Life.

Childhood: My Father had a business where he sold flowers on the side of the street corners in and around New Orleans.  Neither of my parents finished high school.  Dad was married 3 times so we had a lot of variety in our upbringing.

Portfolio: I started buying properties before i was 21 years old.  By the time I was 25 I had 3 houses, a residential multi-family and a multi-unit commercial unit.  Fast forward and currently i have almost  over 100 rent paying tenants and if my current deal goes through I’ll be just over 100 units  DONE!.  I have a mixture of commercial, residential single family, apartment buildings, and a few rooming houses in and around Milwaukee.  I would guess my properties are probably worth between 3.5 and 5 million and I owe mortgages of about 1.5 million.  My monthly rents collected are around 50,000 per month give or take.  I’ll get more specific as to what I own exactly in a later post.

Additional notes: I have another business which sells children’s toys and related stuff.  That business has around 3/4 of a million in gross sales which originally partly enabled me to get started in buying real estate.  I’ve read many books on “nothing down” strategies but thats not how I got started.  Over the years I have been in and out of many different businesses such as- Limousine, vending route, sports apparel, florist along with many others.  As my portfolio got bigger and I began having kids I sold or closed most of them. Currently I just keep busy with the retail sales and get entangled with various side hustles often.

There you have it, a brief description of what I have accomplished and how I ended up here.  BTW I don’t live in a mcmansion or drive a Bentley either. In fact, I’m a pretty normal dude.  Very few people that know me are aware of how many properties I own or how much I make.  Thats just the way I live my life.  Suffice to say if you are looking for a guru with all the trappings of wealth I’m not him.  In that case, turn on the tv at 2:30am and surf the channels to find him.  For a fee you can be just like him, its 85 percent off if you sighn up right away!

In the comments below I hope you will share your portfolio and/or goals regarding real estate.  It will help me know who I am writing to.

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