Why Gangsterz? What’s this site about?

Why Gangsterz? What’s this site about?

Let me set the record straight from the get go. You cannot join the mob on this site. I am also not gonna teach you how to act like a gangster. It’s only the name i chose for my blog, not an opportunity for you to pretend your Italian (neither am I).

I use the term gangster not literally but figuratively to describe actions that are hard core, bold, over the top …..or ……gangster.

So there you have it, long story short on why i named my blog what i did. Don’t trip, its just a name and doesn’t mean shit!

I’m gonna talk about Real Estate Investing mainly, that’s my purpose for this blog. From time to time I’ll go off an a rant about whatever because i can do that since this is my blog. If you don’t like that you can always start your own blog and call it a ridiculous name and write some ridiculous rants of your own.

I chose to create a blog for a couple reasons:

Reason 1 –

Mainly, a lot of people seem to be interested in how to invest in real estate as I’ve done. I’ve been very successful investing in properties and I believe in the “open source ” concept. With that in mind I’m happy to teach people what I know by explaining what i did and how i did it.

Reason 2 –

A friend of mine created a blog because he wanted to teach his daughter about investing. Problem was she wasn’t trying to hear it at the time but knowing she would grow and mature with time he created the blog for her. That seems like a good enough reason in itself and hopefully this will speak to my kids someday. After they realize that they don’t really know everything and Dad knows a few things too.

Reason 3 –

I’ve been engaged in educating myself hardcore for a long time. I’ve read a lot of books, blogs, articles, etc from all sources I could devour. This has been addicting and I’ve been able to learn a lot over the years about real estate and many other things. I think eventually there comes a time for a person to switch from being a consumer of content into a creator of content. It just seems like the right thing to do, a natural progression.

There you have it, check it out and leave a comment so I can be aware of any impact I’m having, or lack of one. I’ll use the comments to edit content and to come up with subjects for posts. Disclaimer: I never said I was an expert at this, or even that I was any good at it. Don’t expect too much and hopefully you will be surprised.

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